How to Improve Your Fertility by Healing Your Digestive System

There are so many factors that can contribute to infertility. Regardless of your unique struggle–whether it’s recurrent miscarriage or needing to balance your hormones or genetics or something else–improving your digestion can boost your fertility. The link between digestion and fertility surprised me when I first learned about it. I read about it in Alissa … Read more

How to Make Healthy Lavender Lemonade with Essential Oils

Lavender seems to be the latest flavoring trend, and for good reason. I’ve seen it in lavender ice cream, lavender lattes, and of course, lavender lemonade. Lavender adds an intriguing floral flavor to your favorite treats. I’m pretty sure no picnic would be complete without a tall, cold glass of sweet and tangy lemonade. I … Read more

On Being a Childless Mother: Understanding and Preventing Recurrent Miscarriage

When you are trying to start a family, miscarriage is one of the most heartbreaking things that can happen. It’s happened to me. In the nearly 6 years that we’ve been growing our family, I’ve suffered from recurrent miscarriage–3 miscarriages, 2 beautiful babies, and then 3 more miscarriages. Most of mine have been what are … Read more

31 Amazing Healthy Smoothie Recipes You Need in Your Life

Aaaaah, smoothies. I don’t know many people who don’t love them. Our family has them every Sunday night for dinner–because Sundays are made for easy evenings, amiright? But recently I’ve been thinking we need some variety in our lives. Unless I’ve run out of a particular ingredient by Sunday, our smoothies nearly always include strawberries, … Read more

How to Handle Transitions Without Meltdowns

Do your kids melt down when it comes time to quit an activity? My son is 3, and I’m extremely familiar with the agony of transitions for children. There’s yelling and crying and just overall misery for everyone involved. I used to give him timed warnings–“five more minutes of play time and then we’re leaving!” … Read more