I Am Autistic

I am autistic. It’s been a process of literally years to come to the point where I can embrace the word. From the first inkling of “that sounds like me” to realizing it also describes my daughter to truly understanding what the autistic brain looks like from the inside and fully accepting that it one-hundred … Read more

15 Simple Little Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally

Looking for simple ways to reduce stress naturally? Our modern, always connected lives have us feeling stressed out and burned out. We are not robots, but increasingly technology wants to treat us as if we were. And the resulting stress is so much more than a mental discomfort. Stress makes us feel crappy emotionally (contributing … Read more

How to Deal with Grief

Managing grief after the loss of a loved one is always painful. Last summer my grandmother, the rock of our family, passed away. She was the pillar that everyone came together around, and nothing has felt the same without her. A few years before that, my husband and I had three miscarriages. While we were in … Read more

Memories of a Loved One

A Letter to My Grandmother Dear Grammie, We knew this day was coming, someday, yet somehow it felt like you might live forever. You were stubborn and bounced back after each close call, and it seemed like you might actually live to be one hundred like you told us all you were going to. I … Read more