15 Simple Little Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally

Looking for simple ways to reduce stress naturally? Our modern, always connected lives have us feeling stressed out and burned out. We are not robots, but increasingly technology wants to treat us as if we were. And the resulting stress is so much more than a mental discomfort. Stress makes us feel crappy emotionally (contributing … Read more

How to Deal with Grief

Managing grief after the loss of a loved one is always painful. Last summer my grandmother, the rock of our family, passed away. She was the pillar that everyone came together around, and nothing has felt the same without her. A few years before that, my husband and I had three miscarriages. While we were in … Read more

When Should You Announce Your Pregnancy?

3 Reasons Why We’re Ignoring the 12-Week Rule Should you wait until you’re past your first trimester to announce your pregnancy? Or should you let everyone know as soon as you find out? I’ve done both–here’s why I chose to announce my pregnancy “early” with my second baby. My husband recently started his computer science … Read more

Low Progesterone: Why It Matters and What to Do About It

I’ve personally battled low progesterone and felt its effects. Hormones are like the orchestra conductors in our body that tell everything else how they should function. If one of the performers isn’t playing the way it should, the whole performance sounds wrong. And one of the common hormone imbalances women experience is low progesterone. What … Read more

The Joy and Sorrow of Weaning

Motherhood is this weird mix of excitement over watching your little one grow up and sadness to realize he’s not a baby anymore. Our latest foray into Mixed-Feelings Land has been weaning. Breastfeeding has been a bit of a rocky ride for us–JD was born with tongue and lip ties, but instead of losing weight … Read more

Sourdough Pancakes

Johnny LOOOOOOVES pancakes. (He calls them “bay-bay” and makes a little hand-shaking motion with his palm facing up like he’s flipping a pancake. I just think it’s adorable.) I try to do sourdough instead of regular flour products whenever possible since it’s SO much better for you (digestion, nutrient absorption, breaks down gluten and phytic … Read more